V-ride carbon

v-ride-carbon-front-bgv-ride-side_backgroundv-ride-45-back_backgroundv-ride-45-front_backgroundv-ride-45-back_background_67020978v-ride--backV-ride carbon
€ 319,00


  • Heavy duty construction
  • Smooth control
  • 3 sizes  S /  M / L
  • Option full length or 50 cm adjustable

V-RIDE carbon

Our V-RIDE blade shape is made for (long) distance recreational paddling. This revolutionary blade shape is unique with its V shape front- and concave backside and 10 degree blade to shaft angle. The low weight of the paddle combined with the V-shaped frontside and concave backside makes the stokes go in a perfect and stable straight line. Due to a smoother waterflow this paddle ensures minimum energy loss and a higher cadence. This paddle is available with a medium-stiff or stiff shaft. This paddle is stronger and more durable than other paddles on the market.

Blade: carbon / Shaft & grip material: carbon Shaft stiffness: m-flex X02
Blade size: Small-76” / medium 86” / large 96” / Angle: 10° / Weight: 475 gram
Shaft options: fixed length / K-sport 2 part 50 cm adjustable / K-sport 3 part + 50 cm adjustable