Kalahua carbon HD

kalahua--frontKalahua carbon HDkalahua--shaftKalahua carbon HDKalahua carbon HDKalahua carbon HD
€ 199,00


  • HD construction
  • 1 piece full length
  • carbon construction
  • allround use
  • flexx carbon shaft

Kalahua carbon FL  HEAVY DUTY ( extra strong )

This full carbon paddle is made for alround use. It can be used on lakes, the ocean & rivers.  It's made with a slighty heavier but extra strong shaft. The paddle comes with a medium-flexx carbon shaft. This type of shaft make paddles strokes smoother and is more forgiving for your arms and wrists.  

-Blade: carbon /  S/M ("86”)  Angle: 10°
- Shaft: carbon-hybrid , 1 piece full length. (X01)
- Grip:  carbon ergo grip
- Paddle weight:  +/-  575 gram

-1 piece, full length
-2 part 50 cm adjustable
-3 part 50 cm adjustable