Cruzer carbon LITE

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€ 299,00


  • Cruzer Ultra lite 
  • Pro carbon construction
  • 2 shaft stifnesses
  • 3 shaft options
  • 50 cm adjustable optional
  • Introduction offer €  299**


The CRUZER carbon LITE  is especially designed for long distance recreational paddling.  The double concave face of the blade gives an instant, precise and smooth catch.  We don’t use ABS in our blade edges because its soft, weak and doesn’t bond well to the carbon layers and foam-core of the paddle. Instead of ABS we use aerospace quality carbon for our blade edge which is much tougher, stronger and more durable.
The CNC made ULTRA LITE PVC foam core in combination with aerospace quality materials and ultra-high pressure makes our CRUZER LITE  one of the strongest and lightest foam core paddles on the market. This paddle comes with a flex, medium stiff carbon shaft.

Blade: carbon Shaft & grip: carbon Shaft type: Flexx X01 (not suitable for very powerful persons)   Blade size: medium 86” / Angle: 10° Weight: 485 gram*

Blade: carbon Shaft & grip: carbon Shaft type: Medium-stiff X02
Blade size: medium 86”  / Angle: 10° Weight: 465 gram*
Shaft option: fixed length / K-sport 50 cm adjustable /
* Depends on lenght and blade size. ** Price for straight shaft option

Price € 299 - € 379