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If you wish to buy a paddle you have the option to contact one of our dealers, or to order in our store.
Paddles ordered in our store will be shipped un-assembled.

Racing & Touring

The PACER PRO is our absolute ultra-high-end paddle.  It's unique shape with triple concave face of the blade gives an instant, precise and powerful catch.Use fror racing as well as recreational touring.

Our V-RIDE blade shape is made for long distance racing and recreational touring. This revolutionary blade shape is unique with its V shape front- and concave backside and 10 degree blade to shaft angle.  This blade is made with our unique semi-core concept which makes the blade ultra strong and durable for many years of intensiive use!

Racing and Touring paddles are light weight, strong and give a powerfull catch. The blade shapes are designed to give a stable hold in the water. 

Wave & River

Our WAVE blade shape is designed for wave riding and ocean paddling. The 4 degree blade to shaft angle ensures maximum control and a stable lean on while wave riding. This is a well-balanced paddle for wave riding and all-round use. 

The RIVER XT carbon-silverteq This is the ultimate HEAVY DUTY river running paddle. Made to withstand big forces under extreme circumstances. River running can be dangerous and a paddle is like a “stearin wheel” on the river. 

Wave and River paddles are available in 1 piece full lenght or 2 part adjustable.

Allround Club & Rental

WAVE CLUB this paddle is especially made for intensive use by rental companies, clubs and schools. But of course this paddle is very suitable for those that want a very durable, yet not too heavy and affordable paddle. 

PLAY gfp is a high quality fiber filled plastic blade fitted on a carbon shaft. This paddle is ideal for rental and clubs.  It’s strong and very durable.

KALAHUA carbon lite is an ultra lite, full carbon paddle  specially made for alround use. It can be used on lakes, the ocean, rivers. 

Allround, Club and rental paddles have the option of 1 piece full length, 2 part and 3 part adjustable.

Kids & Rookies

WAVE rookie Allround This full carbon paddle is made for children. Its light-weight has a flexible carbon shaft and is adjustable. Ideal for growing children and for families with more children. 

RACE kids This full carbon paddle is especially made for children who like to RACE. Its light-weight has a flexible carbon and carbon ergo grip. The small blade size give a stable and powefull catch.   

All our Kids paddles are especially designed and made for childeren.  

Gear & Parts

Paddlebag  To protect your paddle against UV sunlight and damaging in transport we advise you to put your paddle in a protective bag. Our paddle bag "de luxe" is made from a hard wearing, foam padded material and has a fin pocket and carriing straps.   

Parts If you wish to make your full length paddle an anjustable split paddle you can buy the needed parts from us. 
Shafts & grips can be ordered from us as well. Blades can only be ordered by special request.