We are the biggest fan of all our International team riders and ambassadors.  They use our products in extreme sircumstances and to the max in international events and competitions. The feedback we get from them helps us to continuesly improve our products..  for you!

Our riders and ambassadors are very important for us. They give us important feedback and information to improve our products and are out on the water to use them every day under different and sometimes extreme sicumstances.  This information is needed to continuesly improve our paddles to make them better, stronger, lighter and "sexier" than other brands..  

We thank our pro-riders, The Stecher brothers, Ole Schwarz,  Herman Husslein,  Franck Fiffils, Janneke Smits, Joep van Bakel and all other ambassadors for their trust, loyalty and important feedback. 

Bedankt, thanks, merci, danke, gazzie, gracias.............