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We are dedicated to make the best paddles in the world and are very proud of what we do in our industry. For almost 40 years we create, innovate and produce high-end paddles for competition an leisure use. You can expect us to continue doing what we are good at! 
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SUPR PADDLES  is a brand name of DD-Sports a world leading company in paddle development and production since 1979. With SUPR we fully focus on ultra-high-end paddles for all diciplines. Our experiance in product development in combination with using the latest materials and production methods ensures that our paddles are of the highest quality.  Our paddles are made for maximum performance and a long life-time for many years of intensive & pleasureful use.


The CRUZER carbon LITE is especially designed for long distance recreational paddling. The double concave face of the blade gives an instant, precise and smooth catch. We don’t use ABS in our blade edges because its soft, weak and doesn’t bond well to the carbon layers and foam-core of the paddle. Instead of ABS we use aerospace quality carbon for our blade edge which is much tougher, stronger and more durable. 

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Our staff is dedicated & experienced in their work. Most of our workers love to be out on the water to paddle in their free time. They bring a lot of know-how and added value to our company. We feel fortunate to be a leading and innovating brand for that many years. We’re committed to continue what we do for so long.  Our mission is to make a positive difference by creating a successful environment to share the love of our sport.

Maximum performance, minimum weight

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Racing & Touring

pacer pro carbon 45

Our racing & Touring paddles are the ultimate in SUP paddling. All models are suitable for racing as well as active, recreational paddling.

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Wave & River

river xt silver 45

Our WAVE paddles are made for paddling out on the ocean.  The RIVER XT is especially made for river running.

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Kids & Rookies

rookie blade carbon 45

Especially made for kids. Smaller blade surface and lighter shaft.

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Allround & Rental

river xt black 45

Made to last long. Thats our CLUB range.  Mega strong and durable even if used day in day our for a long time.

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river xt black 45

Gear & Parts

Paddle bags, adjustable split systems, shafts, grips and more gear 
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river xt black 45